Friday, February 14, 2014

10 Reasons Moms Should Go Scuba Diving on the Kohala Diver!




Having recently stepped into the realms of motherhood I have seen my dive days shrink in amount, and the time between dives grow. I have met many moms of little ones who say "I used to dive" with no hope in their tone of ever returning. I get it. Our worlds become so engrossed in raising our children that even taking care of our basic survival often gets put on the back burner. When I do make the effort to have a free morning where someone else drops my daughter off at school and I take the time off to get underwater, I am so happy that I did! I have put together a list for fellow moms to help get you back into the sport that you once fell in love with. Or, if you have never tried diving this list might just make you sign up for our next PADI Open Water course!

The top ten reasons moms should go Scuba Diving on the Kohala Diver

10. To experience 2 hour-long dives where all that is required of you is to breathe.

9.   To get inspiration for some excitement in your bedtime stories. Weave in some underwater mermaids riding sea horses and mystical sea princesses who have pet nudibranchs into your stale stories and your kid will be thrilled. 

8.  Start your next adult conversation with "so last weekend I was diving in a lava tube when this shark went by" instead the latest potty training story.

7.  To blow bubbles through a regulator, instead of a purple wand.

6. To Find your happy place. Remember it well as you gaze at the turtles being cleaned by yellow fish at the turtle cleaning station with bright blue water and whales singing in the back ground.  The next time your little one is melting down because you let the blueberries touch the yogurt and now its ruined..... You can go back there in your mind.

5. Underwater no one can hear them scream.

4. To have a status update on your facebook page that isn't a picture of your kid being adorable for once.

3. To be a hero. Bring a shell back to your kiddo and tell them you brought it for them from the bottom of the ocean and immediately add another notch to your superhero belt.

2. Hour surface interval= 1 hour nap. Worth the price of admission right there. 

1. Because you deserve it!! A happy mom is the key to a happy family.

Hope to see you underwater soon!