Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hurricane Flossie: Bring it!

Hawaii Civil Defense warns residents of Hawaii County of impending high winds, rain, flash floods and storm conditions due to our excellent positioning right in the path of Hurricane Flossie! Small craft advisory says everyone stay out of the water! Our friends in Kona dive shops have moored and shuttered for the day, canceling their charters and garaging their lawn furniture.
What do we decide to do here at Kohala Divers? Why, take a group of brave divers, students, and snorkelers out on the water for a two-tank dive trip! Because we are just tougher and more awesome than everybody else, THAT is why! 
The morning seemed flat and calm, with an oppressive stillness. Our snorkelers discovered sunny shallow reefs and a few swim-in lava tube caves. Our open water students finished up their last two dives: They now can show off their logbooks with training dives during a hurricane! Our certified divers were thrilled with a rare Hawaiian Conger eel hiding out under a ledge with a few cleaner shrimp!
Grey clouds and rain began: You know how divers hate to get wet! Crew member Robyn said, "As we just turned the corner to pull into the harbor- The wind began. The timing was perfect!" Our guests ran for cover and our crew unloaded the boat in the wind and rain.
The above photo was taken by Gunner from the Harbor Gallery next door, and featured on Hawaii News Now.